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The primary focus of Venture Gulf Engineering W.L.L. is on providing support to the oil and gas, petrochemical, and related industries. In addition to a fully operational logistics and projects division, the base facility of VGE covers an area of 150,000 sqm, houses an API accredited OCTG machine shop, a fabrication shop, a valve repair shop, an electrical motor repair shop, and support for oil and gas projects. We have a safety and surveillance training center that is ISSAT/OPITO recognized in addition to all the divisions.

In 1994, Venture Gulf Engineering commenced operations with a vision of providing the energy and petroleum industries in Qatar a “ONE STOP SHOP” experience. The base operations facility space is entirely compacted and paved and is situated on the 24th Street of Salwa Industrial Area.

Chairman Message

We have been working truly hard to make our Venture Gulf Engineering W.L.L. (VGE) a premier business house in the state of Qatar, that performs multidisciplinary activities focused on satisfying the needs of a select market because we do not take excellence for granted and because we deeply cherish and respect our clients’ confidence in us. In order to attain the results, we seek, we established a work culture that emphasizes dynamism, creativity, professionalism, technical competence, and teamwork while growing into a dynamic network of enterprises.

Venture Gulf Engineering W.L.L., (VGE) participates in a broad spectrum of…..



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Street # 24, Gate 151, Salwa Industrial Area, Doha – Qatar

Phone: +974 4460 2121 I Fax: +974 4460 2244 

Email. info@vengulfoilgas.com 

Tel: +974 4460 2121
Fax: +974 4460 2244
Email: info@vengulfoilgas.com

Tel. +974 4460 2121 Ext: 231 / 268 / 263
Fax: +974 4460 2244
Email: fabrication@vengulfoilgas.com

Tel. +974 4460 2121 Ext: 251 / 253 / 254
Fax: +974 4460 2244
Email: machineshop@vengulfoilgas.com

Tel. +974 4460 2121 Ext: 241
Fax: +974 4460 2244
Email: vabs@vengulfoilgas.com

Tel. +974 4460 2121 Ext: 288 / 289
Fax: +974 4460 1134
Email: ermrs@vengulfoilgas.com

Tel. +974 4460 2121 Ext: 256 / 275
Fax: +974 4460 2244
Email: yandt@vengulfoilgas.com

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With the aim of providing a “ONE STOP SHOP” to the oil and gas industries in Qatar, Venture Gulf Engineering commenced operations in 1994. The base operations facility is situated on the 24th Street of Salwa Industrial area spreading over an area of 150,000 square meters fully compacted and surfaced. Within this vast area, the division holds around 25,000 square meters of covered working facility and storage area. The base facility is equipped with a sophisticated and modern machine shop and fabrication facility (both covered and open areas), established and experienced logistics base and internationally accredited safety training facilities.