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The Metal Recycling Division was established in 1981 as a part of a Resources Recovery Program, and the division put in place the first auto shredding mill in the entire Middle East, with a 70,000 MT annual output capacity. Vehicle bodywork are shredded at the plant, and the finished product is sold to steel mills. Al Nasr Group has been Qatar Steel Company Limited’s sole supplier of Shredded Steel Scrap since the company’s founding in the year 1981. The division is expertly run, with multi-national experts in the subject, and it has experienced exponential growth.

The factors that have contributed to this constant expansion include a committed workforce, core HSSE proficiency, compliance, and consistent quality. This section works to give the greatest service and goods to the customer while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

With the aim of providing a “ONE STOP SHOP” to the oil and gas industries in Qatar, Venture Gulf Engineering commenced operations in 1994. The base operations facility is situated on the 24th Street of Salwa Industrial area spreading over an area of 150,000 square meters fully compacted and surfaced. Within this vast area, the division holds around 25,000 square meters of covered working facility and storage area. The base facility is equipped with a sophisticated and modern machine shop and fabrication facility (both covered and open areas), established and experienced logistics base and internationally accredited safety training facilities.