One of the most crucial aspects of Venture Gulf Engineering is our dedication to ethical behavior and the strong ethical basis. Our dedication to conducting business ethically is built on a compliance and ethical culture.

By recognizing the demands of moral responsibility, both as individuals and as a corporation, we may successfully navigate the long-term challenges of a competitive market environment. Employees must always act legally, morally, and in the best interests of Venture Gulf Engineering WLL when carrying out their duties.

We appreciate your upholding our principles and assisting us in carrying them out. It implies that we constantly keep ethics and integrity in mind in addition to offering items and services that are exceptionally well manufactured, fairly priced, and of the highest quality. We ensure that our supply chain is of the highest integrity and we monitor our entire operation for compliance with our Code. We only purchase material from vendors who have exemplary records in terms of human rights and compliance.

Vice Chairman & Chief Operating Officer

Venture Gulf Engineering’s CODE OF ETHICS AND BUSINESS CONDUCT serves as our commitment to upholding ethical standards and as a manual for appropriate business conduct for all of our stakeholders. Venture Gulf Engineering is dedicated to conducting business in a legal, moral, and open manner.

This policy is applicable to all employees of Venture Gulf Engineering, including COO, CEO, Managers, Officers, Team leaders, Temporary Hires, Agency, Interim, Sub-contractor, or Consultant Staff, as well as any companies with which we conduct business.

Venture Gulf Engineering demands honesty and objectivity from all of its employees in all matters related to their work. In general, all employees have a duty to act in good faith and refrain from doing any actions that would jeopardize the trust required for employment.

Our company’s success depends on gaining the confidence of our partners, JV’s, clients, and employees. By upholding our dedication to fairness and achieving our objectives only through moral behaviour, we establish credibility. All employees are required to uphold this Code of Conduct in both their professional and personal lives, treating everyone with decency, honesty, and fairness.

Any queries are welcome at any time, and Venture Gulf Engineering does not tolerate punishment or retaliation against anybody who reports misconduct in good faith.

Managers and leaders are more accountable for highlighting the significance of this Code through their actions. Every ethical query or issue should be quickly addressed by managers and leaders. Employees must assist investigations in cases of suspected or actual misbehaviour.

Non-compliance with this Code is regarded as misconduct and may result in disciplinary action, which may include the termination of an employment relationship or other contract in meritorious circumstances.

In addition to our own suppliers, subcontractors, service providers, and business partners, we are committed to making efforts to apply our values and norms across the full value chain of all third parties.

Our core values at Venture Gulf Engineering are:

·         Honesty

·         Integrity

·         Trustworthiness

·         Responsibility

·         Accountability

·         Reliability

·         Compliance to the law[HAE1] 

 [HAE1]Compliance  instead of obedience

We are dedicated to addressing present demands without compromising those of coming generations. We consider economic, environmental, and social considerations in our operations and business decisions in order to achieve this.

We pledge to uphold the rights and human dignity of every person and community we encounter on the job.  In no manner shall we permit or participate in the violation of human rights. We are aware that the majority of employees want to work for a company that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. We have a tradition of treating our workers fairly rather than equally, which boosts the competitiveness of our organization.

We are dedicated to promoting equality in our hiring procedures and to a just employment and compensation policy in accordance with the relevant legislation. We vehemently reject using child labour, slave labour, or any other kind of compelled, bonded, or forced labour. We denounce any illegal, unfair, or immoral labour practices that undermine social security, abuse workers, or are used to evade taxes, including but not limited to “grey” work, undeclared work, and holding back wages.

We are committed to keeping a healthy atmosphere and we offer clean, safe, and healthy working conditions. Reduce the consumption of paper and other stationery and switch to digital systems and apps.

We vehemently reject all sorts of corruption and do not tolerate them. Offering, promising, providing, requesting, soliciting, or accepting any unfair advantage or benefit in order to obtain, keep, or otherwise facilitate the business is banned, whether directly or indirectly. Cash, any form of money equivalent (such as a voucher), gifts, credits, discounts, travel, personal advantages, lodging, or services are all examples of unfair advantages or benefits. We do not allow contributions to private companies or government officials as “grease” to secure or expedite routine actions. Corruption also includes the improper use of a position or function, such as when a person gives the impression that they are improperly influencing a decision-maker.


Gross misconduct is considered when someone engages in corruption to win or keep business or to gain or keep an edge in how business is conducted. Like accepting one, it is considered serious misconduct to permit someone else to accept one. Our employees must account for all benefits they obtain while conducting business and are forbidden from offering or accepting bribes or engaging in other corrupt behaviour.

With the aim of providing a “ONE STOP SHOP” to the oil and gas industries in Qatar, Venture Gulf Engineering commenced operations in 1994. The base operations facility is situated on the 24th Street of Salwa Industrial area spreading over an area of 150,000 square meters fully compacted and surfaced. Within this vast area, the division holds around 25,000 square meters of covered working facility and storage area. The base facility is equipped with a sophisticated and modern machine shop and fabrication facility (both covered and open areas), established and experienced logistics base and internationally accredited safety training facilities.