Corporate Social Responsibility

(CSR) is the ongoing commitment made by businesses to act morally, to support the economic growth of the country, and to enhance the lives of their employees, their families, local communities, and society as a whole.

VGE is “Committed Corporate towards its Corporate Social Responsibility”.

VGE’s contributions towards Corporate Social Responsibility till date include Passport renewal to all Indian staff and employees free of cost in engagement with Indian Embassy during the year 2021, blood donation camps, Socio-sport events in 2023, felicitation and awarding the dignitaries / representatives on India, Nepal and Sri Lanka communities for their support to the society during Covid 19 etc.

We are striving to build on this and novel activities to identify and contribute with the concern to the social causes.

We have identified key thrust areas under which the CSR activities are carried out in future. Our plans comprise support the underperforming schools / students, charitable food and dispensaries, providing aid during disasters / natural calamities, providing employment to handicapped & ex-servicemen, supporting conservation of natural resources through environmental management etc.

Every business enterprise must take responsibility and be accountable for the social and environmental effects it has in its surroundings. Through this the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) emerge, paving a way for businesses to return back to the society from the profits it earns. Such initiatives on the part of a company to improve livelihood of people and preserving environment at surroundings of its operations also go a long way in gathering acceptance from local communities.

Engagement of local communities is essential for long-term sustainability for any organization. This also ensures enhancement of triple bottom line of People-Planet-Profit, depicting the inclusive growth for an organization. CSR is the way to move forward for all organizations and become good corporate citizens by preserving the environment and bettering lives of all stakeholders.

With the aim of providing a “ONE STOP SHOP” to the oil and gas industries in Qatar, Venture Gulf Engineering commenced operations in 1994. The base operations facility is situated on the 24th Street of Salwa Industrial area spreading over an area of 150,000 square meters fully compacted and surfaced. Within this vast area, the division holds around 25,000 square meters of covered working facility and storage area. The base facility is equipped with a sophisticated and modern machine shop and fabrication facility (both covered and open areas), established and experienced logistics base and internationally accredited safety training facilities.