• These terms and conditions shall apply to all contracts for the supply of goods and / or services by the supplier agreeable to one or more purchase order.
  • Where it applies to the extent the supplier or any of its personnel are required to be on, or near the vicinity of, the site for the purposes of the services. The supplier acknowledges that there is a direct relationship between the supplier’s health, safety and environmental performance and the success of the company’s business. All purchase orders shall be subject to these terms and conditions.
  • Any changes or variations to these terms and conditions shall be effective only comes to an agreement between parties.

Enforcing all the supply of products/ services shall agrees to comply and to ensure that its Personnel comply, with:

  • The supplier and other external providers must be ensuring that their personnel comply with the rule of its company’s health, safety and environmental policies and associated other requirements applicable from time to time (a copy of which must be provided: OHS&E Policies and other requirements);
  • During the term the supplier and other external providers shall comply with all applicable health and safety legislation, other laws, and Qatar government requirements and VGE OHS&E requirements relating to its obligations under the contract/PO and ensure each employee follow the same;
  • The supplier and other external providers shall ensure work commenced until the OHS&E Management Plan(s) and/or any requested HSE amendments/ approvals to it have been approved by the VGE company representative.
  • The supplier and other external provider personnel shall follow the directions of the VGE personnel and applicable site rules as indicated by the site orientation or induction briefings, written information provided and signage, including compliance with applicable safe systems of work, requirements for supervision, entry to access restricted areas, security and emergency response provisions.
  • Personnel protective equipment (PPE) is to be provided and used in accordance with applicable site-specific requirements.
  • Supplier and other external provider is required to report any and all incidents or accidents (including hazardous situation, near miss, injury, illness, environmental and security event) which occur on a VGE site or when directly associated with the work they are performing for or on behalf of VGE to concerned VGE site representative.
  • The supplier and/ or other external provider personnel must permit the VGE to have access to the their office premises, any of their documentation and data (including documents stored in electronic form) and to interview the supplier’s and or external providers personnel in connection with the supply or services as necessary to verify, monitor and audit the Supplier’s and/or external provider’s compliance with: it’s OHS&E Management Plan(s) and the health, safety and environmental conditions and its OHS&E polices.
  • Action by the supplier and/or external providers: Without limiting any other rights or remedies available to the company as a result of the Supplier’s non-compliance with any of the conditions, policies and standards referred above, if deficiencies are identified by an audit undertaken, the Supplier must take prompt corrective action and notify the Venture Gulf Engineering of such action(s).
  • All the supplier and/or external providers shall need to be make their own OHS&E risk assessments of their activities performed for the supply and/or for executing their operational activities and is deemed to be submitted upon requested by VGE HSSE Representative at any time during prior valid contract/PO with Venture Gulf Engineering.
  • Supplier and/or external provider shall in a timely manner, advise VGE of any regulation violation, penalty or reporting requirement related to the provision of their products or services to Venture Gulf Engineering W.L.L.
With the aim of providing a “ONE STOP SHOP” to the oil and gas industries in Qatar, Venture Gulf Engineering commenced operations in 1994. The base operations facility is situated on the 24th Street of Salwa Industrial area spreading over an area of 150,000 square meters fully compacted and surfaced. Within this vast area, the division holds around 25,000 square meters of covered working facility and storage area. The base facility is equipped with a sophisticated and modern machine shop and fabrication facility (both covered and open areas), established and experienced logistics base and internationally accredited safety training facilities.